10 Basic General Knowledge to score good marks in NDA exam, SSB exam, CDS exam, and UPSC exam.

10 basic general knowledge questions to crack NDA Exam, SSB Exam, CDS Exam, and UPSC Exam

  1. Choose among the following options how many health centers does Punjab government decided to extend the free dengue tests?

A. 25

B. 33

C. 20

D. 15


Ans: B


2. Who among the following has been honored as the 26th P C Chandra Puraskar 2018?

A. Sharmila Tagore

B. Asha Bhosle

C. Sonu Nigam

D. Mithun Chakravarti


Ans: C


3. Which bank launched humanoid IRA 2.0 Bengaluru recently?


B. HDFC Bank

C. Axis Bank

D. SBI Bank


Ans: B


  1. The Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) signed a MoU with this to facilitate interaction and cooperation between the two organization’s to promote wellness, spiritual and cultural tourism in?

A. Women Entrepreneurs Promotion Association

B. Hosiery Associations

C. IT and Services Association

D. Indian Yoga Association


Ans: D


  1. In what position does India stand in the fastest growing country in the world for air passenger traffic?

A. 3rd

B. 2nd

C. 5th

D. 4th


Ans: B



6. Who is the principal director general of the Press Information Bureau (PIB)?

A. Varsha Suri

B. Devesh Chaturvedi

C. Nikunj Srivastav

D. Sitanshu Kar


Ans: D



  1. What is the theme of International Labor Day 2018?

A. Uniting Workers for Social and Economic Advancement

B. Create peace, solidarity and decent work

C. Celebrating the International Labour Movement

D. Create peace, solidarity and decent work


Ans: A



  1. In which city 9th India Japan Energy Dialogue 2018 was held in?

A. Mumbai

B. Chennai

C. New Delhi

D. Hyderabad


Ans: C


  1. Who among the following choices won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018?

A. Nico Rosberg

B. Lewis Hamilton

C. Fernando Alonso

D. Daniel Ricciardo


Ans: B


  1. Select the name of the world’s oldest known spider that has died at the age of 43 in Australia?

A. Number 9

B. Gary

C. Nicole

D. Number 13


Ans: D









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