50 Science GK Questions For NDA Exam 2018

50 Science GK Questions For NDA Exam 2018

50 Science GK Questions For NDA Exam 2018

Here we are presenting you 50 Science GK Questions with answers which will help you in crack competitive exams

  1. The power of a lens is measured in – Dioptre
  2. ’Anemophily’ pollination is done by – Wind
  3. ’Penicillin’ antibiotic is obtained from – Fungi
  4. ’Amalgam’ is a term used for an alloy of a metal with –Mercury
  5. Sphygmomanometer is used for measuring – Blood pressure
  6. Decibel is the unit of measuring – Sound
  7. Which bacteria is helpful in making curd from milk – Lactobacillus
  8. Which bird is the largest flightless? – Ostrich
  9. Metal tea pots have wooden handles because – Insulation from heat
  10. Bile is produced in – Liver
  11. elements containing same number of electrons are called – Isoelectronic
  12. Baby Blue Syndrome is caused due to – Nitrate
  13. Richter scale is used for ? – Seismic waves
  14. Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with – Taflon
  15. Silver gets corroded due to presence of which compound in air– Hydrogen Sulphide
  16. The strongest known natural fibre is – Silk
  17. Silkworm feeds on – Mulberry leaves
  18. Which metal is used in storage batteries – Lead
  19. Which vitamin acts like hormone – vitamin D
  20. Swimming pool seems to be shallower due to the phenomenon of – Refraction of light
  21. How many bones are in a newborn baby? – 300 Bones
  22. Which blood group Is known as universal donor blood group – O blood group
  23. Which of the following caused radioactive pollution along Kerala coast – Thorium
  24. Which lobe of human brain operates hearing process – Temporal
  25. Which of the following disease is caused by Vitamin B3 – Pellagra
  26. Which is the element whose gives the  hardness to stainless steel – Carbon
  27. Addition of suitable impurities into semiconductor elements is called – Doping
  28. ORS is given in – Diarrhoea
  29. Which hormone is secreted by Pancreas – Insulin
  30. The layer of atmosphere closest to the earth crust is – Troposphere
  31. From one medium to another when a sound wave goes, what remains unchanged – Frequency
  32. Plants which grow in saline soil are – Halophytes
  33. Which organ involved in the process of ingestion in the case of Amoeba – Pseudopodia
  34. Bell metal is an alloy of – Tin and Copper
  35. CT scan is done using – X rays
  36. The sea horse belongs to – fishs
  37. Following the sign conventions, the focal length of a concave mirror is – Negative
  38. Alum purifies muddy water by the process of – Coagulation
  39. In vascular plant, water is conducted by – Xylem
  40. Goitre is caused by the deficiency of – Iodine
  41. Beaufort scale is used to measure – Wind speed
  42. The vertical lines of elements in the modern periodic table are called – Groups
  43. The bone of the which organ is the longest in the human body – Thigh
  44. Accumulation of which one of the following in the muscles leads to fatigue – Lactic acid
  45. ‘Yellow Cake’ a costly compound, contains – Uranium oxide
  46. Solar energy is produced by – Fusion reaction
  47. Which hormones regulates blood calcium and phosphate?  – Parathyroid hormone
  48. Electron was discovered by – J. J. Thomson
  49. Blood and lymph are types of – Connective tissue
  50. The average lifespan of Human R.B.C is– 120 days

So, These are 50 Science GK questions for NDA which will definetly help you to crack the exam

Thank you 🙂

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